Starting And Marketing A Moving Company

If you are planning to start a moving company or just curious how to open a moving company, you are in the right place. Let"s take a look at the advice offered by veterans in the moving industry.

Moving company work ethics and practices

Be responsible and careful

Your customers will entrust to you their belongings to transport them safely from one point to another. Be very careful with these objects, as they can be precious. It is necessary to pack each piece of furniture or appliance to protect them. The packaging will prevent damage caused by blows, weather, and transport vehicle conditions.

Communicate well with your customers

The most important thing when doing a good job is knowing how to contact your customers. Ask all your questions about what they want to convey. It is best to leave everything clear to avoid future problems or mistakes. Listen to conditions and offer advice or suggestions, always politely. So take into account your professionalism and how they will be more satisfied with your work. A satisfied customer is a good marketing agent or asset.

On the other hand, your clients can set some conditions. You"ll have to be willing to receive some orders and fulfill their conditions. They should not affect much to your work or hinder their execution.

Get used to working under pressure and time limits

Often the changes are organized with a time limit, so you have to learn to work under pressure. The customer will indicate an hour or deadline, and you must arrange to arrive on time and do the job without any unforeseen or complication.

Be physically fit

Work involves moving from carrying light boxes to large furniture. For example, sofas, cabinets or tables. It is necessary that you are in good shape and, above all, are willing to make great physical efforts. If you suffer back problems or the like is not recommended that you dedicate to this work because you run the risk of suffering a serious injury. Even if you aren"t the one doing the heavy lifting, you should still be fit enough to manage the business personally.

Learn as much about teamwork when receiving orders

If your workload is quite large, you need some assistant to work with you. As a profession where physical effort is essential, it is normal that you require the assistance of another person to accomplish the work in the time allotted. So you"ll have to learn to work together to distribute all necessary tasks to your partner.

Business plan for a successful moving company

Put the right price on your work

In addition to offers and promotions and other marketing to attract customers, you will have to set fixed moving quotes for your services. Check out prices so you can provide competitive rates. However, don"t engage in a price war. Give your customers accurate and detailed moving quotes.

If prices are too low, the profitability of the company will be affected because not enough sufficient revenue will be generated. But if they are too high, many customers with financial difficulties will not be able to afford your service.

Look for a good area to start your business

Not all areas are good to start a moving company, because the volume of displacement may be lower in some of them. The areas where most relocations occur are university districts, villages near large cities and highly populated run down areas where people move out frequently. Successful moving companies near me were strategically located.

Rent a good local office

You"ll need a plot with enough space to protect vehicles and, if the occasion demands, the belongings of your customers. Moreover, this must be added the reception area and customer service offices, toilets.

With these requirements in mind, moving companies near me have space at least 3500 square feet. This will be sufficient and will cover all major business needs for a starting moving company.


To make removal is necessary to have a suitable vehicle. It is best to have both a truck and a smaller van. You will be able to offer different types of moving service.

If you cannot afford to acquire these vehicles due to financial constraints, there are other options like buying used or lease your vehicle. You can also use your vehicles to advertise your business if you label them with your logo and other information. Your moving vehicles are also your marketing tool, so you have to keep them neat and good looking.


At first, the workload will be lower, so with only one or two employees (besides you) will suffice. If the company grows and orders increase, you have to add more staff.

Remember that all employees must be provided with mandatory benefits and receive at least the minimum professional wage.

Get the necessary insurance

You need at least these four insurance:

  • Insurance for your vehicles
  • Liability insurance for your company
  • Coverage of employees
  • Insurance for products you transfer

If your insurance company doesn"t provide this coverage, then it"s time to look for another company.

Following this simple guide will have the keys to start your business in the world of moving and get hundreds of customers.

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